Sunday, February 28, 2010

Noodles with Basic Brown Sauce

I had been to my native and was there for more than a month.I had been pampered with all the food that I wanted to eat.So, after back from my native I dint feel like cooking that is very elaborate.

I had invited friends home today and it wont look nice if I just made dosa or idli.Ok,I din't have batter in hand.Suddenly thought why not I make this simple Chinese Noodles with brown sauce.Very simple, very quick and very yummy too.

Noodles :

As per instructions in the packet.

Basic Brown Sauce

Ingredients :

Mushroom - 100 gms( you can actually use carrot,beans,broccoli,tofu)
Soy sauce - 3 tsp
chilli Sauce - 2 tsp
Garlic - 4 pods
Brown Sugar - 2 tsp
Vinegar - 1 tsp
Olive oil - 3 tsp
Corn Flour - 3 tsp.
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Heat Oil and when oil is really hot about to smoke add Garlic and fry for few seconds.
2. Then Add mushrooms and saute for a minute.
3. Then add soy sauce, chilli sauce, brown sugar, vinegar and mix well.
4. mix cornflour in water and make it a paste and add it into the pan.
5. Add enough water and boil it until the sauce thickens. If you feel the sauce is too thick add some more water and salt.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vendaikkai - Puli kozhambu

I will be eagerly waiting for sundays to come as that is the only day, me and my husband get to have home made lunch together.So, I always make it a point to prepare something that we both of us like.

Be it any kozhambu, we both of us drool over Hee hee ( we eat anything as far as that is edible that is a different thing ). But vendaikkai is in the top of the list.

This is typical kovai style.After so many days of trying ,now I am able to make this proper vendaikkai kozhambu.

Ingredients :

Lady's finger - 12 nos.(small)
Small onion - 10 nos.
Red chilly - 4 nos.
Coriander powder - 3 tsp.
Tamarind extract - 3 tsp.(thick)
Coconut - 1 handful
Roasted channa dhal - 2 tsp.
Oil - 4 tsp.
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Heat oil in a pan and fry small onions (no need to cut).once it is slightly brown add red chillies, coriander powder and fry for few seconds.
2. Now add coconut and roasted dhal into the pan, stir once and turn off the stove.( dont fry coconut for long , then it will start giving oil smell).
3.Keep aside the pan and let it cool until it gets ready to be run in a mixie.Then grind it and make a paste.
4.Take another pan and 2 tsp of oil.Once the oil is heated , fry the lady's finger until it gets cooked.
5. Now add the ground mixture into the above pan , add tamarind extract , enough water and salt .Bring it to boil.
6. Curry will start thickening, so add some more water if you feel it is too thick.

Kozhanbu is ready !!!

Tried and Tasted - Anu's Hot samosa

Samosa is one of my hot favourites since school days.We used to get this samosa for 25 paise filled with nothing but onion.I dont find these kind of samosas in bangalore at all.When I saw this Anu's blog I just couldn't resist making.It also turned out really well.Thanks Anu !!.

I dint make much changes to the recipe except that I added carrot,Beetroot, cabbage to the filling.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lemon Rasam


Thoor Dhal - 2 tsp.
Garlic - 7 pods
Ghee - 1 tsp.
Mustard seeds and urad dhal - 1/2 tsp.
Jeera powder , Coriander powder, pepper Powder - 1 tsp together
Lemon - 1/2
Coriander Leaves - few
Pepper corns - 4 nos.
Red chilly - 1 no,
Sugae - 1/2 tsp.


1. Boil thoor dhal and keep it aside.
2. Heat a pan and add ghee ( I prefer ghee as dhal is added which will enhance the taste) and add mustard  urad dhal and pepper corns.Once it splutters add garlic and chilly .
3. Add enough water and bring it to boil .Garlic should be nicely cooked.
4. Now add nicely mashed thoor dhal and stir it once.
5. Turn off the gas and add lemon juice(If juice is added when the gas is on it will become bittery).
6. Add chopped coriander leaves and close it tightly with lid for few mins.

Rasam is ready !!!!

I normally make Lemon rasam when I make sambhar ..So cooked thoor dhal is in hand ...2 mins fatafat rasam will be ready ..

Wheat Rawa Dosa

Being on diet is not an easy thing I realised.I know how many times I have broken this rule, as if resolution has been taken only to break it.So wanted to try something tasty as well less in calories.So I thought why not I make this Rawa dosa with Wheat Rawa and wheat flour without rice flour.It was not as crispy as normal . I think it will be proper crispy rawa dosa if rice flour had been added.Thought it was not crispy it tasted really good.So, I thought I will share this recipe in my blog.

Wheat Flour - 1 cup
Wheat Rawa - 1/2 cup( Sambha Rawa)
Onion - 1 no.
Green chilly - 2 nos.
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp.
channa dhal - 1 tsp.
Urad dhal - 1 tsp.
Jeera - 1 tsp.
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tsp.


1. Mix Wheat flour and wheat Rawa with water and add salt . The batter should be normal rawa dosa consistency.
2. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard , channa dhal, urad dhal and jeera.Once it changes color add chopped green chillies and fry for few seconds.
3. Then add chopped onions into the pan and fry until it is nicely cooked.
4. Pour this into the batter.
5. Heat a dosa pan and pour batter over the tawa.The batter is so thin so it cannot be spread using the ladle.Just pour it like drizzling oil on dosa.
6. Once the bottom portion is cooked well, if it is cooked the sides of the dosa will tend to leave up the tawa and it is flipped to the other side.Remove it from the tawa once it is done .

 Serve hot it with coconut chutney ..Happy Dieting for me !!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wheat Bread Upma

Bread Packet has been there in the fridge for so long and it has almost reached its expiry date.I dint want to make toast or sandwich.I really felt like eating something more southie.Then decided why not make Bread Upma.It turned out really well.

Ingredients :

Bread - 7 slices
Onion - 2 sliced thinly
Tomato - 1no.
Green chilly - 4 nos.
Curry leaves - 6 leaves
Coriander leaves - 3 small stem
Mustard - 1tsp
Urad dhal - 1tsp
Channa Dhal - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - a small pinch
Lemon juice - 2 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Crumble the bread slices well by running it in mixie for few seconds.
2. Sprinkle water on the crumbles.(otherwise after cooking it will become very dry).
3. Heat a pan, add oil.Once it is heated add mustard,channa dhal,urad dhal.
4. fry it for few seconds until dhal changes color.
5. Add Green chilly, curry leaves and saute it for a couple of minutes.
6. Add onion and fry it until it turns into light pink color.
7. Now add tomatoes,turmeric powder and salt.Cook until tomatoes disappear.
8. Now add bread crumbles and mix well.Squeeze lime juice finally and serve it hot.If you feel that it is little dry , sprinkle some more water and mix .

Nice sweet,spice and sour bread upma is ready.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Carrot Soup

Sometimes,mostly on sundays I binge eat.So to compensate for that I eat very light at night.This is one such light meal for dinner but with full of nutrients.
Carrot - 3 nos.
Milk - 1 cup
Cinnamon - 1 inch stick
Bayleaf - 1
Onion - 1 no.
Ginger - small piece
Butter - 1 tsp.
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Cut the carrots into cubes .
2. Heat the pressure cooker and add butter.
3. Once the butter is melted, add cinnamon,bayleaf, ginger and onion.Fry until onion turns into light pink colour.
4. Now add carrot cubes and saute it for a minute.
5. Add milk and pressure cook for one whistle in sim.
6. Let it cool completely and then remove cinnamon,bayleaf and ginger.
7. Blend this mixture smoothly.If it is too thick, add some water to get the desired consistency and bring it to boil.

Serve hot with Toasted bread.This makes a complete meal for dinner.

Kambu Kozhukattai

Summer is already starting and heat is pinching us. So time for us to have some really cool food.SoI thought I will share this unique kambhu kozhukattai with u guys to beat this summer with this super cool tiffin.
Pearl millet - 1 1/2 cups
Onion - 1 no.
Channa Dal - 1 tsp.
Split urad dal - 1 tsp
Mustard - for seasoning
Green chilly - 3 nos.
Coconut - 1 handful
Oil - 2 tsp
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Dry roast the pearl millet until u get aroma.but it should not be over roasted.Stop it once the raw smell goes off.Cool it completely.
2. Then run this roasted pearl millet in mixie for about 2 to 3 rounds.All pearl millets are broken now and it will look like rawa.
3. When u have broken it some would have got powdered.We need to remove those powder before we get into cooking.Sieve the broke millets to separate the we have powder and rawa separately.
4. Take a pan, add oil and once the oil is heated add mustard, channa dal, Urad daland fry until dal turns into light brown color.
5. Add Onions and green chilly and saute it until onion turns into light pink color.
6. Add Water and bring it to boil.
7. Now add the broken millet and let it cook for sometime.
8. when the millet is almost done, add the powder and stir it nicely so that no lumps are formed.
9. Add grated coconut and turn off the stove.
10. It will look like nice upma.So befor it cools down shape it into oval like normal kozhukattai and steam in idli pan for about 8 - 10 mins.

Serve it with coconut chutney or peanut chutney.